The Ethical Humanist Society was thrilled to revive the Our Times Coffeehouse on May 3, 2024, with folk songwriting legend Christine Lavin!

Photo credit: Sarah Coale
One of the most beloved talents to emerge from the Greenwich Village/Fast Folk scene of the 1980s, Christine Lavin has been putting audiences in stitches, bringing them to the edge of tears, then back to hysterical laughter with her incredible songwriting wit. Among the topics she’s tackled are doing things one doesn’t particularly enjoy for the sake of a relationship, misplacing one’s glasses, the downgrading of Pluto’s planetary status, and the kind of love one never recovers from.
Christine Lavin has been called “a fearless folk-zinger” by the Orlando Sentinel, “wildly entertaining” by The New Yorker, and “a fresh kick in the pants!” by the late Paul Newman. She is currently working on her 26th solo album, “On My Way to Hooterville,” and has produced a dozen compilation albums with other songwriters whose artistry she admires.
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In our 30+ years of existence, the Our Times Coffeehouse is proud to have hosted many wonderful evenings of music. Following is a partial list of just some of the performers who have graced our stage. Please browse the list, visit their web sites, listen to their music and help support these great musicians.

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The world of folk music mourns the premature passing of Freyda Epstein
Youtube Round PNGIn memory of Freyda Epstein

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Vance Gilbert

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Eleni Kelakos

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Cecilia Kirtland

Cathy Kreger

Christine Lavin

The Levins

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Mad Agnes

Magical Strings


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Joni Mitchell’s Blue – A 40th Anniversary Concert

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The Nudes, Walter Parks & Stephanie Winters

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Remembering Phil Ochs – Hosted by Sony Ochs

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Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers

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Sloan Wainwright

Mark Wahl

Little Toby Walker

We’re About 9

Pat Wictor

Randall Williams

Danzig & Wooley

Work O’ the Weavers

Judith Zweiman

and many many more…..